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  1. Finding my voice
  2. Change which struct-key the Phoenix path-helpers use
  3. Clear saved HSTS pinnings in Safari and macOS
  4. No overlapping dateranges in Postgres
  5. Water Based Analytics
  6. Respecting our users time and attention
  7. Fix large navigation bar title not hiding on scroll in iOS 11
  8. How to verify and limit decimal number inputs in iOS with Swift
  9. Automatic recreation of Realm DB during development
  10. Choosing how to persist data in iOS (and beyond)
  11. Sending plain text and HTML emails using EEx and Swoosh in Phoenix & Elixir
  12. Custom titles per view or controller actions in Phoenix Framework
  13. How to fix Windows 10's 60 FPS limit and Input Lag
  14. The only thing left to do is start

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