Week 14 - Blip - Website

I don’t think I have “blanked” on making a website as much as I did for Blip this past week. I am getting somewhere now though.

Aside from trying to get CSS right, making websites has always been enjoyable to me. For past projects I managed to get basic concepts going rather quick. This week though for Blip I’ve been drawing blanks after blanks. Monday and Tuesday I barely managed to get the HTML boilerplate going. I was not “seeing” the page at all.

Slowly over the course of the week I did get one thing going, then another and I now have something I quite like. There is still some work to do, the copy is bad and I want to add a quick video that shows off Blip in action.

I’ve also spent a minute researching how to do licensing as mentioned last weeek and settled on using whatever Paddle provides as part of their service. Not quite sure how much their SDK talks home (privacy issue), but that is something for another time.

For the upcoming week I am hoping for one that is suuuuuper productive compared to the past few ones. I want:

That’s a lot planned, I know, but should also be doable?!

I didn’t think about / buy a domain yet so I can’t link to the site at this moment but here is a picture. Again, the copy is not final:

long screencapture of what the website for blip is going to be. The first section shows a screenshot of the entry panel of the app and the price of $20 as well as access to a 7 day trial. The next two sections try to explain how to use Blip and its use cases. The last section is a note from myself mentioning how I use blip and what future plans for it might be