Week 13 - Blip - Iconic

Flexing my artistic skills this week to make a nice app and status-bar icon for Blip and more.

I’m not the best with regards to designing logos etc. I do have some cool ideas in my head I like to think, but getting them on paper, so to say, is always a bit of a struggle. I do enjoy this type of work though and can get lost moving things up and down one pixel at a time.

First thing of the week some sketching in my notebook:

sketches of about 14 different versions of a potential icon sketches of 13 more potential icons

I was looking at other icon designs while making these sketches. Trying to come up with something I like. After a bit I decided to boot up Sketch and see what I can actually achieve. And it went a whole different direction from there. Ending up with this suuuuuuuuper shiny button thingie:

a round, very shiny, blue-ish button with a plus sign engraved on it with a purple background making up an app icon

I did like that. For a night. When I woke up the next morning I quickly lost my liking for it and went back to sketching a bit more. I was attempting to make something that looks like the letter “B” with these sketches:

a dozen or so variations of a similar looking icon that loosely resembles the letter b

After doing that for a bit I once again returned to Sketch to see what I can get done there. To my surprise a very short amount of time later I ended up with something I still like a few days later. I consider this the now final version of the Blip app icon.

showing the dock of macOS with Blip being one of the applications visible. The logo is 4 different sized and colored humps that resemble the 4 letters in blip. The first hump has a “+” cutout inside it

Looks kinda good, right? If you squint you can read it as “Blip”. I quite like it. From there it was easy to also design a status-bar icon. Which looks the same as the first hump in the main icon that represents the “B”.

showing the status bar of macOS with various other elements as well as the Blip icon which looks like the first hump in the main app icon

With these two big things designed and done I spent the next part of the week refactoring code a bit. Finding better ways to define colors and assets, etc. I’ve also spent some time to write up the Credits/About for Blip and including Acknowledgments for open source libraries and resources used to make Blip. Namely GRDB, KeyboardShortcuts, LaunchAtLogin, and NetNewsWire which I use to learn a thing or two.

Admittedly everything after making the icons was a bit of distraction work. Still very important things, but I intended to do something else this week: Begin work on the website. Even right now as I am writing this I am procrastinating from that work.

I’m in this weird place at the moment where 3 things depend on each other and all I can do is slowly work on each of these a little until the pieces fit. Website, Licensing and Payment are their names. I need a website to set up payments, payments require a website to test and licensing requires knowledge about payments etc.

With no clear vision of the website in mind and no idea how licensing/payment will work out I am dreading the work a little. This leads to more procrastinating. And then feeling bad that I am not doing anything. A hellish cycle into deeper and deeper depths.

That said, I am rather fond that I do realize that this is happening. Previously in my life I might not have caught myself this quick and the outcomes of that are…bad. So! Here are the plans for week 14: