Week 11 - Blip - Preferences

I think I am getting close to releasing a first version. Only one or two pieces functionality to go and some icons and website.

First off, the bad: I am still progressing slower than I want to. This project started out so fast and has been slowing down over time. Not because I lost interest or anything. There are so many things that came up over the course of implementing everything though.

Stuff I did not anticipate. I am very proud of myself for keeping the actual feature scope of a first release low, but got caught up in small details instead. I kind of do think they are necessary to make the app “feel right”, but they might not all have been required for this first iteration?

Another still present factor is the family member that requires my help a bit while they recover. This ends up eating a couple of hours here, an afternoon there. I’ve also been slacking on keeping my food (read: candy) intake in check which leads to me being more tired and less motivated than I could be — as it always does but I can’t seem to hold on to that knowledge.

In any case, all of this is drawing to a close I feel. I spent this week managing to do only the first point from last weeks plan: Preferences. I had to do a bit of refactoring of parts that were fixed up until now leading to an overall nicer code-base I feel. The good news is that everything that I’ve learned from implementing the preferences window I can use in the upcoming week to get the “welcome screen” implemented.

Next week is going to be a bit different from the past 11, I welcome this slight change of pace:

That last point in particular I am looking forward to. My artistic skills are…Eh. But I do always enjoy the progress and I’m curious about what I’ll come up with.

At last here is a somewhat boring screenshot of your average mac app preference window:

showing various preferences for the Blip application like setting a global hotkey, launching the app on login, etc.