Week 10 - Blip - Editing entries

It is now possible to edit entries in Blip, the rating is visible in the summary view and other little things that make the app feel like an app.

Progress this week is still slowed by a family member falling ill, and as last week I didn’t quite advance as fast as I wanted to.

That said, a big “feature” is now working: Editing entries. It’s fast and implementing it was somewhat easier than I expected it to.

In making this work I did remove my somewhat shitty “caching” system for larger lists. It was causing too much issues. I now load all entries at once. This remains fast for day/week/month ranges, but a year long query with about 7000 entries now takes ~1s to load. Which is OK. I can optimize that later.

Besides that I hooked up a bunch of knicks-knacks that make the app feel at home. Context menus, menu items, shortcuts, row-actions you can swipe if you have a trackpad, etc. There is a surprising amount of little things that need to be done to achieve something that “feels right”!

Feature wise I am now done for the first release. (YAYYY!) Everything else comes after.

Plans for next week:

And at last, here is a short video of me editing an entry: