Week 3 - Blip - What the fuck

This week ended with a big annoyance — and I still have no idea how to fix it. What I want to do seems so easy, but it isn’t working.

At this point I’m not sure if it is worth sticking with SwiftUI. Or if I should require Big Sur (and thus SwiftUI2 as a minimum) … or switch to AppKit/Cocoa entirely.

All I wanted to accomplish was to list out every entry in a list so you can view it and copy the text. Sounds easy right? Not so fast. Somehow, for an unexplainable reason I can’t get long text to wrap around properly. Either the text gets truncated or the lines get cut off.

I’ve tried every StackOverflow and search query I could think of. No dice. Either I am misunderstanding how SwiftUI works in this regard or the version I am using is bugged. May have to download Big Sur and install it on a separate partition just to check.

Either way, I’m this close to kick SwiftUI in the bin and redo everything in good old Cocoa.

Oh and by the way: SwiftUI doesn’t seem to have a way to make selectable Text?! Sigh.

Not all is lost though. I’ve managed to get what I planned last week done. I actually though I had the summary view I worked on today planned as well, but that was a bonus objective! So feeling a bit better. Only a bit though.

I’ve also discovered a bit of a fail in how I’ve handled SwiftUI state which gave me something to write about.

For next week: Figure out how to wrap text?! I am at a loss at this point and it is really grinding my gears.

The entry panel changed again a bit. I am quite happy with this layout now and don’t think it’ll change anymore.

the blip entry window, reorganized from previous iterations. The text input field is now the first element, followed by the date & number of entries bottom left and the up/down vote and save buttons on the bottom right of the input field