Week 2 - Blip - Saving entries

The second week working on Blip didn’t quite start off as I wanted but I managed to turn it all around by the end of the week. Sweet!

Last week I said my plan was to implement data persistence using SQLite. Monday until Wednesday I got distracted with making the up/down vote buttons prettier. As well as improve how they work. There is something about finding the correct icon and playing around with the look of something — I can get lost in this process for hours on end.

On Thursday I’ve managed to refocus my efforts on what I had actually planned this week. To my surprise adding SQLite was easier than I had expected. Big thanks to GRDB, a Swift toolkit around SQLite, making this smooth.

I did get confused by trying to make publishers/combine work, until I realized that for the new-entry panel I don’t need that at all. I can just query the entries-count when the window is about to show and thats that!

I’m very happy that two weeks in a row now I’ve somehow managed to get exactly what I had planned done. Usually I’m off by 3 weeks. I think having a clear vision on what I want to achieve and saying no to everything else is important. My mental health has been great these last 3 weeks as well. And getting what I want done is further boon to that!

Next week I’ll implement keyboard shortcuts to toggle up/down votes and saving. I also need to figure out how to do singular/pluralizations of strings in Swift/SwiftUI. (See the video below “1 entries” is not correct!). If there is any time left after that I’ll begin work on the Daily/Weekly/Monthly(/Yearly?) summary view.

Biggest road-block this week was (Swift) Combine and how to combine that with SwiftUI. Even though I didn’t end up needing it, it’ll probably become relevant again with the summary view. Still don’t entirely understand the process. Well, I get what and how Combine works, but getting it to play nice with SwiftUI is what is throwing me up.

Here is a video of saving an entry and how the app looks this week: