Back to Work

Phew, it has been some time since I’ve shipped something. Around late May last year I decided to work on Newsletty. Then shortly after in June, life kinda derailed me. I am not ready to go into what happened at this point, but it took me out for the rest of the year.

Earlier this year I thought I was back, but then 2020 COVID-19 happened, and I got swept away again, not yet fully recovered from the previous year. It is June and now I am back for real.

This all means I started working on Newsletty three times to date. Once in May last year, then at the beginning of this year, and again last week. Every time I started from a slightly different angle.

Back in May I focused on functionality. Beginning of this year I did payment handling. And just these past 1-2 weeks I decided to work on CSS/marketing pages first. Every time though, I started the project from scratch, set up the basic project again. This obviously is a total loss of time, but I couldn’t otherwise refamiliarise myself with what was there. The scope of the project also changed over time.

Initially Newsletty was to be a desktop app that lets you run a personal newsletter. But writing desktop apps for multiple different platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and maybe Linux) was quickly apparent to be too much work. So a web-SaaS it is. I always planned to start with paid subscribers built right in — but that too has now, after the third attempt, been cut.

This time I think I have a sensible scope for the project. Allow you to create newsletters, a good editor to write issues, and a way to schedule when these issues will be sent. Paid subscribers, RSS,… and other features have to wait until after I ship the first MVP.

It has been a tough few starts now. This time though my deadline is end of June for the first release. I can also reuse already implemented details from previous iterations. And with the reduced scope and new energy I am going to ship!

a full set of color pencils against a white background