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If you follow me on twitter you might have noticed I retweeted something earlier today. That is because I have stared a new project called Budget With Claire.

So what is Budget With Claire? Well right now, nothing but a name and website. Soon it’ll be an app here to help you keep a healthy budget.

If you are thinking ‘there are already a few budgeting apps on the app store’ you are right. I’ve had a look at them and thought it could be done better. One of the main pain points was first-use experience.

All existing personal finance apps just throw you into the deep end, hoping you can figure out how to use them by yourself. My goal is to provide a simple, beautiful and easy to use alternative. One that guides you, helps you to create a budget you are happy with, and set goals.

In addition to that I also plan on writing helpful tips & tricks on how to manage your personal finance at the Budget With Claire Blog. So even if you don’t need an app, reading the blog might be helpful on its own.

This is the vision I have for Budget With Claire. I’ll keep writing devlog posts here, so make sure to sign-up for the newsletter if that interests you. If you only care about updates head over to the website and sign-up for the newsletter there or follow the twitter account.

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