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A week has passed since the last Devlog entry. Time to talk about changes to Itro. The memory game where you have to select pictograms in the order they appeared, with each round adding a new one to the mix.

This week was spent on getting all game modes up and running so no visual changes. The game will feature several modifiers, making each individual round more difficult, as well as two bonus rounds.


Modifiers can be selected one at a time or several at once. Each modifier provides a points multiplier.


This is an exclusive modifier. None other can be active at the same time. As the name says it’s for when you just want to play without worrying about wrong guesses. We hide the time and you have unlimitied tries but the amount of points earned is reduced.

One Heart

The one heart modifier provides a huge points multiplier at the cost of only having one try. Guess wrong and the game is over.


Each round has a chance of one or more pictograms being replaced with bombs. You must not select the bombs. The difficulty comes in knowing what the next correct pictogram is while skipping over the bomb.

Time Attack

Play against the clock. Every correct guess you gain bonus time. At the end of the game bonus time is turned into bonus points.

Bonus Rounds

Once you complete all normal rounds there are two bonus rounds left: “Double or Nothing” and “Reverse”.

Double or Nothing

While in this round you gain no points. If you happen to complete it your current points will be doubled. If you fail you will lose all points earned.


The final round. You now have to guess the correct pictograms but in reverse. For every correct correct guess you’ll be awarded with a huge amount of points.

That is it

With all the game modifiers and bonus rounds working I’ll now be spending on turning the numbers into actual pictograms. The next update should feature some new eye candy.

If you have any questions or want to talk to me feel free to email me. Contact details are down below.

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