A few days ago I started development my game called Itro. So what is the game about and why is the tagline ‘In The Right Order’? Here is the one sentence pitch:

In Itro you have to select pictograms in the order they appeared with each round adding a new one to the mix.

The following is a really early look after just a week in development. For now im using numbers instead of pictograms of real world objects in the final version. (Think: apple, car, banana, house, child, toothbrush).

Screenshot of Round 1, 3 and 6

Round 1 is simple: Tap 71. Round 3 still isn’t that much of a challenge. 95 was the new number in Round 2 so the correct order for Round 3 would be 71 > 95 > 76. You can crank out the first few rounds really quick but the game gets difficult just as quickly.

I initially started with rotated squares as the layout for each pictogram but didn’t quite like the look of them once the screen got filled up.

Some iterations of the games look drawn on paper

As you can see in the screenshot at the top right now I’m filling up the entire space with rectangles of equal size. In addition to replacing the numbers each field will ultimately also each have its own color.

I’m not entirely sold on the current layout and it’ll be interesting where I find myself going next and I hope you will tag along.

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