Week 15–22 - Blip - Done, Release and More

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote an update for Blip here. There are a couple of reasons for that, one of the biggest being that updating this blog is a bit too cumbersome with the setup (Hugo) I’m using.

Week 14 - Blip - Website

I don’t think I have “blanked” on making a website as much as I did for Blip this past week. I am getting somewhere now though.

Prevent NSTextView from polluting undo history

A thing that cost me some nerves while making Blip was getting undo/redo functionality right. Especially when NSTextView was part of the mix.

Week 13 - Blip - Iconic

Flexing my artistic skills this week to make a nice app and status-bar icon for Blip and more.

Week 12 - Blip - Welcome

Bit laaaaate on that one. Forgot to write up the weekly review but here it is. Better late than never!

Week 11 - Blip - Preferences

I think I am getting close to releasing a first version. Only one or two pieces functionality to go and some icons and website.

Week 10 - Blip - Editing entries

It is now possible to edit entries in Blip, the rating is visible in the summary view and other little things that make the app feel like an app.

Week 9 - Blip - Unexpected

A family member unexpectedly fell sick this week and I had to take care of them. As a result there was little time for Blip.

Week 8 - Blip - Beginnings of a configuration

More little things to set up and working on the app configuration this week.

How to keep debug & release data separate for macOS app development

You most likely are going to use the app you are developing for yourself. There is a small problem though: debug/test builds and your release version use the same data.

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