Week 10 - Blip - Editing entries

It is now possible to edit entries in Blip, the rating is visible in the summary view and other little things that make the app feel like an app.

Week 9 - Blip - Unexpected

A family member unexpectedly fell sick this week and I had to take care of them. As a result there was little time for Blip.

Week 8 - Blip - Beginnings of a configuration

More little things to set up and working on the app configuration this week.

How to keep debug & release data separate for macOS app development

You most likely are going to use the app you are developing for yourself. There is a small problem though: debug/test builds and your release version use the same data.

Week 7 - Blip - This and That

There is a saying that the last 10% are the last 90% and this past week felt like that. Every little thing that I add needs various this and thats to feel like a real app.

Week 6 - Blip - Date and Time

This weeks focus was on creating a summary view to show all entries. Took me a while to get going and it doesn’t look like much at the moment, but there is progress!

Week 5 - Blip - Slow Progress

These past two weeks progress has been a bit slow. Main reason was all the issues, and to be honest, annoyance I felt around using SwiftUI. That said, I think next week will be better again.

Week 4 - Blip - Bye SwiftUI

I ended last week with a bit of a downer. After a lot back and forth I have now dropped SwiftUI and gone back to good old AppKit/Cocoa. Which took me a while to get used to again.

Week 3 - Blip - What the fuck

This week ended with a big annoyance — and I still have no idea how to fix it. What I want to do seems so easy, but it isn’t working.

Debug SwiftUI redraws using randomized backgrounds

SwiftUI redraws every view affected by a state change. If you are not careful this might cause your entire UI to redraw on every interaction. For me this happened at every keystroke in an text-field. Using random background colors you can find such issues.

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